Welcome to Clive! Clive is a homebrew "Colors! Live" replacement server.

Clive Public Alpha Announcement, Joining, and Features

Some of you have waited some time for this, but we're finally doing it!
Clive is now in a public alpha state - it is an alpha, please do not get upset if mistakes or errors occur in Clive's logic. Also, do not trust that everything is permanent, as alphas can have rapidly changing content and this can affect various things as time goes on.
To get on deck with Clive, you currently must have a USA/EUR Nintendo 3DS system with Luma3DS and Colors! 3D. After you've done those things, go ahead and download the appropriate IPS patch ZIP below and extract it to the root of your Nintendo 3DS's SD card. Afterwards, enter your Luma3DS settings and enable game patching, then boot into Colors! 3D and connect to Clive via the "gallery" button!

Also, don't forget to join the Discord server to get all updates related to and to discuss Clive!

Currently, the following features are working on the 3DS side of things:

  • Login and Registration
    • Account activation via an e-mail
  • Painting Uploading
    • Painting titles
    • Painting descriptions
    • Tags (not yet clickable or searchable, but they are stored in the database)
  • Viewing Paintings
    • Viewing the author of a painting
    • Viewing the details of a painting
    • Viewing the upload date of a painting
  • Clive News
    • Viewing the author of each news entry
    • Viewing the upload date of each news entry
    • Icons for each news entry
    • Custom colors for each news entry's icon and title
    • Reading previews of news entries while scrolling the news list
    • Clicking on a news entry's title to view the full news entry

Enjoy your first public access to Clive!